Sickening CCTV shows the moment a young thug king hits a grandfather who asked him to turn his music down


SICKENING footage has emerged of a horrific one-punch attack on a grandfather who told a young man to turn his music down.

The victim, 68, told off Bon Williams, 20, as they travelled on a bus in Dandenong North in March.

When they got off, Williams put down his cans of Wild Turkey bourbon and punched the victim, who fell to the footpath and smashed his head on the concrete.

Sisters Jessica Hosking, 17, and Breanna, 16, saw the attack unfold from the bus and made the driver stop so they could go to the victim’s aid.

It was such a low act,” Jessica told the Herald Sun.

“My first thoughts were to save him and try and help him.”

She said his pulse stopped and she started CPR until paramedics arrived.

“My nursing training and first aid training just kicked in,” Jessica said.

The victim suffered bleeding on his brain, a broken nose and lost several teeth.

But Williams dodged jail and instead received a community corrections order.

He later told Dandenong Magistrates’ Court: “I’m remorseful and very sorry … for being violent and aggressive.”

Despite the attack, who did not want to be named, said he hoped the young man would learn from the incident and change his life for the better.

Strict coward punch sentences came into force on Saturday but Police Association secretary Ron Iddles said community attitudes to violence on our streets still needed to change.

“I don’t think younger people realise the damage one punch can do,” he said.

“Young people don’t realise life is so fragile.”

He said 40 per cent of serious assaults on Friday and Saturday nights were alcohol-fuelled.

“Your muscles are relaxed when drinking, you don’t brace yourself … You hit the road and it’s all over,” Sen-Sgt Iddles said.

From Saturday, punching someone in the head without warning and killing them now carries a mandatory 10-year jail term.

Manslaughter law has also been clarified to ensure offenders who punch their victims are appropriately punished.

Attorney-General Robert Clark said: “Would-be offenders are now on notice. It’s time to think again.”

Sen-Sgt Iddles said the legal changes would make it easier to convict one punch attackers.

“From my previous experience in homicide, with one punch, it was difficult to prove they had an appreciation they were going to cause real serious injuries,” he said.

Victims Week Commencing 9th November 2014

Crime Victims Support Association Day of Remembrance

To honour the memories of Murder Victims and Victims who have been traumatised by extreme violence and recognise the impact on surviving family members and loved ones.

Special Guest Speaker – Judge Philip Cummins

The event will be held at Parliament Gardens, Cnr Spring and Albert Street, opposite the Majestic Theatre.

Please bring a photo of your loved ones.

Victims Week Begins Sunday November 9, 2014.

We come together to honour those who have lost their lives to violence.

We invite family and loved ones to be a part of this event.

More information will be provided soon.

One-punch killers to spend 10 years in jail under new Victorian laws

Perpetrators of one-punch deaths will soon face 10 years in jail in Victoria, with the state introducing Australia’s toughest laws on such killings.

The sentence will apply whether the death is caused by the punch, or by the victim striking his or her head in the fall.

Anyone convicted of manslaughter in a gang attack also faced a decade in prison under the new laws, Attorney-General Robert Clark said.

The changes follow the deaths of a number of Victorians over recent years, including Shannon McCormack, 22, who died in 2007 after being punched at the Queensbridge Hotel in Melbourne.

Canadian tourist Cain Aguiar, 26, died when he was punched and hit his head outside a hotel at Yarraville in 2009.

Mr Clark said the laws were also in response to a spate of violent and often fatal attacks around the country.

“The time for excuses about saying people didn’t recognise the consequences of their action are over,” he said.

“This law will send a very clear and simple message: a punch to the head is a dangerous act that can kill.

“Would-be offenders need to get their message and step back and think before they throw that punch.”

The new legislation will be unveiled in State Parliament this week and Mr Clark believes it will be strongly supported by the community.

“We’ve too often seen the tragic consequences for innocent young people, out enjoying themselves of an evening when they are hit without warning, without provocation,” he said.

“The result is a death and a lifetime of sorrow and misery for family and friends.”

In January, the New South Wales Parliament passed new one-punch laws which include mandatory eight-year prison terms for anyone who fatally punches someone while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Rolf Harris – Sentencing Transcript

THE judge said it plainly and powerfully.

These are the damning words Justice Nigel Sweeney used when he handed down Rolf Harris’s jail sentence, listing the star’s crimes and stating he had not shown any remorse.

Read them and remind yourself why he was jailed. Some of the sentences may be confronting revealing much more detail than what was reported

“Rolf Harris, you are 84 years old. You have no previous criminal convictions or cautions recorded against you. You are no longer in the best of health. For well over 50 years you have been a popular entertainer and television personality of international standing – with a speciality in children’s entertainment. You are also an artist of renown. You have been the recipient of a number of honours and awards over the years. You have done many good and charitable works and numerous people have attested to your positive good character.

But the verdicts of the jury show that in the period from 1969 to 1986 you were also a sex offender – committing 12 offences of indecent assault on 4 victims who were variously aged between 8 and 19 at the time. There were a number of aggravating features. You took advantage of the trust placed in you, because of your celebrity status, to commit the offences against three of your victims ‘A’ (Count 1), ‘B’ (Count 2) and Tonya Lee (Counts 10-12). All your offences in relation to ‘C’ (Counts 3-9) were committed in breach of the trust that her parents had placed in you, and two of them took place in her own home. In every case the age gap between you and your victim was a very considerable one.

You clearly got a thrill from committing the offences whilstwhiles were present or nearby. Whilst others did not realise what you were doing, their presence added to the ordeal of your victims. It is clear from the evidence that what you did has had a significant adverse effect on each victim, and particularly so in relation to ‘C’ who suffered severe psychological injury in consequence. None of the victims had the confidence to complain at the time. Each, including Tonya Lee, and especially ‘C’, showed considerable courage in eventually coming forward and in giving evidence.

You have shown no remorse for your crimes at all. Your reputation now lies in ruins, you have been stripped of your honours but you have no one to blame but yourself.

On Count 1 you indecently assaulted ‘A’ in 1969 (when she was aged 8 and you were aged 39). You did so when you made an appearance at the Leigh Park Community Centre in Havant, and she approached you for your autograph. Others were present. Taking advantage of your celebrity status, you twice put your hand up her skirt between her legs and touched her vagina over her clothing. In her Victim Impact Statement ‘A’ states, which I am sure is true, that you took her childhood innocence – for which she blamed herself and became an angry child and teenager, unable to express herself and unable to trust men. She continued “I have carried what Rolf Harris did to me for most of my life, it took away my childhood, it affected every aspect of my life from the point he assaulted me. Something that he did to me for fun that caused me physical and mental pain for his own pleasure and then probably forgot about as quickly as he did it, has had a catastrophic effect on me…..”

On Count 2 I have no doubt that you indecently assaulted ‘B’ in July 1978 (when she was aged 16. and you were aged 48). You did so on the day that you took part in Star Games on Jesus Green in Cambridge. You were clowning around and took advantage of the fact that she was somewhat awestrawe-struckn others were present. You groped her bottom, squeezing her left buttock a number of times. In her Victim Impact Statement, which I am also sure is true, she says amongst other things “…Rolf Harris took advantage of me and made me feel ashamed. That an adult man could do what he did to me made me feel so powerless. He treated me like a toy that he played with for his own pleasure with absolutely no regard for what he was inflicting and then getting on with his life as if nothing had happened….”.

‘C’ and her family began living across the road from you and your family in Sydenham in the mid 1960s. She and your daughter Bindi became the very best of friends. In late 1978 when ‘C’ was aged 13 and you were aged 48 you were allowed by ‘C’s parents to take her on holiday with your wife and Bindi to Canada, Hawaii and Australia. Her parents trusted you to look after their daughter and continued to do so after the end of the holiday. I have no doubt that you fancied ‘C’ – even at that young age. I make clear that I am not sentencing you in relation to what happened on that holiday, but I am sure, in the light of the jury’s verdicts, that ‘C’ gave truthful evidence as to what occurred, and that it was the indecent assaults that you carried out on that holiday that emboldened you to commit offences against her in this country thereafter.

On Count 3 you indecently assaulted ‘C’ in the latter part of 1980 by which time she was aged 15 and you were aged 50. You had moved to Bray, and were visiting the ‘Cs’ with your wife. You committed the offence in breach of trust, and it was further aggravated by being committed in ‘C’’s own home. You left your wife and ‘C’’s parents downstairs and you went up to ‘C’s bedroom on the top floor of the house. You spat on the fingers of one hand, put that hand down her jeans and knickers, and digitally penetrated her vagina. The episode lasted for about a minute until she managed to get away.

On Count 4 you indecently assaulted ‘C’ after Xmas 1980 when she was still aged 15 and you were aged 50. Again you were visiting the ‘C’s with your wife. Again you committed the offence in breach of trust and it was further aggravated by being committed in ‘C’’s own home. You left your wife and ‘C’’s parents downstairs whilstwhileent up to the TV room on the first floor where ‘C’ was. You spat on the fingers of one hand, put that hand down her dungarees and knickers and digitally penetrated her vagina. You continued for up to a minute until she managed to get away.

Counts 5 & 6 arose from a single incident in the period between the autumn of 1980 and Easter 1981 when ‘C’ was aged 15 and you were aged 50. ‘C’ was visiting Bindi at Bray and was permitted by her parents to stay – sleeping in one of two single beds in Bindi’s room. On this occasion after Bindi had got up, and whilstwhilend/or your wife were in the house, and again in breach of trust, you went into the bedroom where ‘C’ was still in bed. You took her pants down, spat on the fingers of one of your hands, and digitally penetrated her vagina (Count 5), then you took off your glasses bent down to her vagina and started licking it (Count 6) – continuing until she closed her legs and pushed you away.

Counts 7 & 8 arose from another single incident in the same period between the autumn of 1980 and Easter 1981- and thus when ‘C’ was still aged 15 and you were aged 50. Again ‘C’ was visiting Bindi at Bray and was sleeping in one of the two single beds in Bindi’s room. On this occasion, whilstwhile was still asleep in her bed and ‘C’ was in the other bed you entered the room, again in breach of trust, pulled ‘C’s pants down to her ankles, spat on the fingers of one hand and digitally penetrated her vagina (Count 7), then you licked her vagina again keeping an eye on Bindi (who was still asleep) as you did so (Count 8) – continuing until ‘C’ closed her legs and pushed you away.

On Count 9 you indecently assaulted ‘C’ in 1984 when she was aged 19 and you were aged 54. On this occasion she and her mother were visiting your wife at Bray. ‘C’ was using the indoor swimming pool when you appeared in your swimming trunks and got in. Your wife and Mrs ‘C’ (who trusted you) withdrew to another part of the house whereupon you touched ‘C’s breasts and then put one of your hands down her bikini bottom and digitally penetrated her vagina.

Whilst not sentencing you in relation to what you did to ‘C’ in the decade that followed that offence, I am sure that offences against her continued until 1994. Indeed the point is made on your behalf that you have not committed any further offences since then. In her Victim Impact Statement, which I am sure is true, ‘C’ says, among other things, “…The attacks that happened have made me feel dirty, grubby and disgusting. The whole sordid saga has traumatised me. I have panic attacks and suffer from anxiety. The effects of the abuse have been with me for many years. I started drinking at the age of 14 to 15 years old. This was to block out the effects of what he was doing to me. This had an effect on my relationship with my parents and people close to me. The slightest thing would upset me, I would get so angry, my reaction would be so disproportionate and over the top. As a young girl I had aspirations to have a career, settle down and have a family. However, as a direct result of his actions, this has never materialised.

I have never had a meaningful relationship. I have also never been able to hold down a job. This was down to the need to block out what he had done to me through drink. Rolf Harris had a hold over me that made me a quivering wreck….He made me feel like a sexual object. He used and abused me to such an extent that it made me feel worthless….. I suffered abuse at the hands of a person who thought he could get away with it. He made me feel that would not be believed and as a result I suffered in silence. This has had a detrimental effect on my life and health outcome….”.I have no doubt, in view of the evidence given at trial by ‘C’, and by the doctors and counsellors who treated her, that it was your crimes against her that resulted in her becoming an alcoholic for many years with all that that entailed, and that thus (as I have already touched on) you caused her severe psychological harm

On Count 10 you indecently assaulted Tonya Lee on 31 May 1986 – when she was aged 15 and you were aged 56. She was one of the Shopfront Theatre Group from Sydney, Australia who were on a tour of the UK at that time. You knew the lady who was in charge of the Group, and at her invitation had attended the Group’s last performance on the tour which was in South London. Thereafter you accompanied them to a public house called the Queen’s Arms. It was there, in the presence of others, that you committed the offence. Taking advantage of you celebrity status you got Tonya to sit on your knee, put your hand on her thigh under her skirt and moved it up to her vagina over her tights and knickers and fondled her there until she managed to make an excuse and fled to the Ladies toilet.

You followed her to the vicinity of the toilet and waited outside.

Counts 11 & 12 arose from a single incident after she came out. Others, although not present, were nearby. You got her in a forceful bear hug, put one hand down her top and into her bra and played with one of her breasts for about 30 seconds, fondling and squeezing it (Count 11).

Then, really quickly, you moved the same hand under her skirt, down her tights and knickers and quickly digitally penetrated her vagina (Count 12). You then stopped and walked away.

In an email from Australia Tonya Lee writes that what you did to her was a turning point in her life that she has never recovered from. She says, among other things, that “…What Rolf Harris took from me was my self belief and more so the ability to feel safe. I have never felt safe since. I live in a constant state of anxiety”.., She goes on to describe the difficulties that she and her children have faced since and continues “…What Mr Harris took from me was my very essence. I believe that it was for Mr Harris a forgettable moment but it was something for me that I have never moved on from and will never forget…” I proceed upon the basis, as both sides have invited me to, that (consistent with her evidence at trial) your offences were not the sole cause of Tonya Lee’s problems.

It was in the mid 1990s, and after it had stopped, that ‘C’ then still an alcoholic, finally told her family what you had done to her. In 1997 she confronted you and you sent that letter to her father in the hope of avoiding or minimising the consequences. You succeeded at that stage, but only because she was in no fit state to face making an official complaint.However, following her brave recovery from alcoholism, and after extensive counselling and support from her family, it was ‘C’’s eventual complaint in the autumn of 2012 which began the series of events that led to your prosecution and conviction. I apply the approach to sentencing historic sexual offences set out in Annex B of the current Sentencing Council Definitive Guideline, and have also considered the guidance given in the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Attorney General’s Reference (No.38 of 2013)(R v Stuart Hall) [2014] 1 Cr.App.R. (S.) 61

The maximum sentence on Count 1 is one of 5 years’ imprisonment, on each of Counts 2-9 it is one of 2 year’s imprisonment, and on each of Counts 10-12 it is one of 10 years’ imprisonment.

With the exception of Counts 10 & 11 the equivalent offences today attract significantly higher maximum sentences. For example on Count 1 the equivalent offence today is sexual assault of a child which carries a maximum of 14 years’ imprisonment and would be likely to involve a starting point of around one year’s imprisonment. On Counts 3,4,5,7,9&12 the equivalent offence today is assault by penetration which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment and would be likely, to involve a starting point (given the severity of the psychological damage to ‘C’) of around 8 years’ imprisonment on Counts 3,4,5,7, & 9 and a starting point of around 4 years’ imprisonment on Count 12 On your behalf I am asked to take into account a number of matters in mitigation, including the following:

(1) With the exception of ‘C’ the offences were brief and opportunistic.

(2) The fact that you have no previous convictions and have led an upright life since 1994 – albeit it is accepted that that must be tempered by the reality, underlined in the Attorney General’s Reference (above), that you got away with your offending for years.

(3) The fact that you have a good side, that there are many people who know you who speak well of you, and that over many years you have dedicated yourself to a number of charitable causes.

(4) The fact that you are not in the best of health, as attested to in the report of Dr Fertleman, and that therefore, although capable of serving a prison sentence, it will be particularly tough on you.

(5) The fact that your wife, who you help in looking after, has various health problems, as attested to in the report of Dr Mitchell-Fox.

(6) That you should be enabled to spend your twilight years with your family.

I have no doubt, despite your age and the other matters relied upon in mitigation on your behalf, that given the seriousness of the offences and particularly those in relation to ‘C’) and the extent of the aggravating features that I have identified only an immediate custodial sentence is appropriate for each. Sensibly, no argument to the contrary has been put forward on your behalf. Some of the sentences will be consecutive – in passing them I bear firmly in mind the principle of totality and have reduced a number of the sentences that I would otherwise have passed accordingly.

The sentences that I impose are as follows:

Count 1: 9 months’ imprisonment.
Count 2: 6 months’ imprisonment consecutive.
Count 3: 15 months’ imprisonment consecutive
Count 4: 15 months’ imprisonment concurrent
Count 5: 15 months’ imprisonment concurrent
Count 6: 12 months imprisonment concurrent
Count 7: 15 months’ imprisonment consecutive
Count 8: 12 months’ imprisonment concurrent
Count 9: 12 months’ imprisonment consecutive
Count 10: 9 months’ imprisonment concurrent
Count 11 9 months imprisonment concurrent.
Count 12 12 months’ imprisonment consecutive

The total sentence is therefore one of 5 years and nine months’ imprisonment.Unless released earlier, you will serve half that sentence when you will be released on licence for the remainder of the sentence. Should you breach the terms of that licence, including by the commission of further offences, you will be liable to recall.

Your convictions mean that you are automatically subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 and you will also be considered under the provisions of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

In my view it is not appropriate for me to make any awards of compensation. The issues involved are too complex and the information before me insufficient for me to be able to properly do so.

You will however pay the costs of the prosecution in such sum as may be agreed or assessed in due course.

I order that a copy of the medical report from Dr Fertleman be provided to the Prison Service for their information.”

A moving letter for justice…..

Dear Honourable Robert Clark MP- Attorney General

I write this letter to you, to inform you that I recently bared my soul to the law and I have been the one more harshly sentenced for having done so- I am confused as I was not the offender of this crime? How

can it be that I am the one that received a harsher sentence than my offender? I am a survivor of domestic and family violence, I was a victim of a violent crime, but I am now a victim of the justice system. I have spent the past year and a half braving this unjust system, hoping to be seen and heard. lt was a grueling and damaging process. Representation has been sent to you on 6th June 201,4, regarding this appalling sentencing outcome and receipt of this communication has been acknowledged by your senior advisor. Please refer to Appendix A which outlines the media coverage surrounding the case.

I was privileged when informed that I was to be the representative for Chief Commissioner of Victoria

Police Ken Lay’s “Take A Stand Campaign”, my story was released with significance on White Ribbon Day. As the face of this campaign I was to embrace the campaign and trust in its ability to deliver real outcomes. The Campaign stated that it was time for all Victorians to say enough is enough, it was everyone’s business and that it would confrontVictoria’s hidden disgrace.

The perception is that the criminal law now gives greater recognition to the devastating effects of family violence, with sentencing outcomes to reflect the severity of the crime committed. I recently attended the Department of Justice Law Week Event 201,4. You were a spokesperson on this evening, an historic event being the first time during law week that a function had been dedicated to Victims of Crime in the Court Process. You were described on this evening by the Honourable Philip Cummins as someone who has always been and remains a strong supporter of victims and of the rights of victims; therefore I refer my situation to you and request for your assistance to support the Director of Public Prosecutions or

other permitted bodies in appealing against this manifestly inadequate sentence imposed and to further attention my case to all appropriate parties.

At the Law Week event, I heard you commended on establishing the Victims of Crimes Consultative Committee. You and various other speakers gave me inspiration, hope and alleviated my fears around being the victim in my offende/s upcoming County Court Appeal hearing.
I heard you speak of the process of evolution and a struggle over a long time to ensure there would be greater recognition of the rights and roles of victims in the criminaljustice system. What I absorbed from you was that victims’ rights would be given reality in everyday practice and experience and that victims needed to be recognised and respected. You spoke of ensuring that the system worked as a whole, working reliably and consistency to ensure that problems are overcome and addressed. I now have not only seen firsthand but experienced the devastating unreliable and inconsistent system we have supplying abhorrent lenient sentencing outcome that reward serious violent offending behavior.

You discussed the reform enhancements that have been made to the Victim lmpact Statements. The point of the statement is to allow a victim to have their say so the court and the world know what the crime has meant for them. You discussed the greater flexibility in the ways in which these statements may be presented. My Victim lmpact Statement was minimised and virtually dismissed like it held no importance at all. You stated that Judges have been engaged to provide a lot of input in trying to ensure

that the process of submitting and presenting Victim lmpact Statements operates as respectfully and as effectively as possible and is not disrupted at the last minute by technicalities or legal objections. ln both the Magistrate and County Court’s, objections were made and delays were incurred.

I was encouraged to speak up and break my silence and the Judge took away my opportunity to read the entirety of my statement which effectively sent me a message that again I must be silent, even though

the statement complied fully with the victims charter and professionally addressed the principles of physical, emotional, social and financial.

The nature and gravity of the offence was extraordinary, it was over an hour long intentional, reckless brutal act that enabled the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal to deem both myself and my four and a half month old daughter to have been primary victims of this criminal act. I feel that it is my responsibility to set the scene as to what is actually occurring in the justice system when it comes to

sentencing, so others can make an informed decision of whether to pursue this avenue. This is disheartening as my hope was to be an example to others that our justice system is protecting victims, applying the law adequately and is validating our violent experiences.

I pose the question to you, how does a of 1.4 month lncarceration sentence get so severely reduced to a

Community Corrections Order in a County Court setting when the offender has pled not guilty in both a

Magistrate and County Court hearing? Why has this Judge not considered the objective and subjective evidence, the offender’s inability to be rehabilitated, or the victims suffering and welfare to be important enough to prioritise it over that of a perpetrator? So after almost losing my life and risking the life of my baby, my attacker receives a 2 year community corrections order with 250 community hours, and is to partake in treatment components which he has previously engaged in repeated times across the years.

This perpetrator made a conscious choice to degrade, disrespect and humiliate me as his wife and as the mother of our child. I will never be free of the confronting images that haunt me from the assault, or

forget how frightened I felt watching my ex-husband feel powerful seeing me terrified, at times smiling during the attack. lt is appalling that an offender who has such a distorted sense of right and wrong, and an unhealthy value system of this magnitude, being of the attitude and belief that it is acceptable to treat women and children in this way is enabled to re-offend yet again.

The system has not done enough and the law was not appropriately applied. Myself and my daughter were not protected, in fact I have been re-traumatised by having to relive this nightmare by giving evidence and having been cross-examined in two courts. I have had to re-locate housing and purchase an unrecognisable vehicle as safety precautions to prevent my attacker locating myself and my daughter. The Judge’s decision now leaves myself and my daughter unprotected, vulnerable and to now continue living in fear, as she has permitted our attacker to be placed back out into the community to harm us again. I have lost confidence in the system. No words could ever be powerful enough to express the way the Justice System has betrayed and undermined my experience with its disgraceful sentencing handed out by an ineffectualjustice system. lnjustice is outrageous and deserves outrage. The Judge’s are continuing to provide pathetic sentencing which does not deter family violence and supports the perpetrators of these hideous crimes.

I had hoped to get an outcome that fitted the crime and that justice would be done. This type of decision does not deter violent men; it sends a message that this behaviour is not severe enough to be punished and further continues to allow them to maintain power and control over their victim. A stronger message needs to be sent that these behaviours have severe consequences. You would expect more severe sanctions would be imposed in a higher court, the Justice System is meant to protect you, however my attacker was able to celebrate his outcome in front of me in the court room and then allowed to walk out the front door alongside me.

I ask for what happened to me and my daughter to not just become the subject of detailed consideration and consultation process but instead an appeal process, to be heard in the Court of Appeal. I ask respectfully of you, The Honorable Attorney General to recognise the original sentence imposed and the obscurity of the County Court’s sentence is considered to be manifestly inadequate. The sentence imposed was one which can be described as unduly lenient, this offender pled not guilty and was convicted twice, being found guilty in two courts of Seriously Recklessly Causing lnjury and

twice founded guilty of 6 charges of contravening a 5 year family violence intervention order, one charge was of the severity of attending my property. How could the Judge provide this offensive sentence if she had properly weighed all the objective and subjective relevant factors and heard all the outlined aggravating factors in the case?

This assault was brutal and inexcusable; in fact the offender was rewarded for demonstrating the utmost confirmation of having no remorse or acknowledgement of his crime that he intentionally,

consciously and recklessly committed to his own wife and child. I propose this case be given the opportunity to have this appalling sentence reviewed, with a commitment from Government to consider a more fitting sentence for this hideous family violence crime. How do I continue to encourage and empower other victims to speak up in my spokesperson role if these are the outcomes they will face?

I constantly relive every word, every hurt, every moment from the assault. The damage is irreversible and forever-lasting. The Justice System should be ashamed of having re-assaulted a victim and now left them fearing for their life.

Yours Sincerely
Kristy Wardle

Joining the Walk

by Derryn Hinch – Monday, 12 May 2014

IN RECENT DAYS, as well as planning for the Jail 2 Justice walk, I have concentrated on the shocking case of Afghan refugee Ali Jaffari. The child stalker we publicly identified, who was then detained by police but released without charge back into a worried community.

I posted a special weekend blog on the case here yesterday.

Jaffari represents part of what is wrong with our legal system not just our immigration system – where it seems he is immune from deportation even though he fails every character test imaginable after his conviction on sex offences and being placed on the sex offenders’ register for 15 years.

He is a good/bad example of what is wrong with the courts. He was found guilty of indecency charges involving two teenage boys at a Geelong Beach pool. He wasn’t jailed. He was given 300 hours of community service.

This predator had the audacity to appeal the conviction and sentence but a judge confirmed it and the sentence. Then came the travesty of justice when a Geelong magistrate declined to hear a child abduction case against him on ‘cultural grounds’.

He walked free to roam kids’ footy grounds and public toilets and swimming pools in Melbourne. At least in Geelong he was banned from going anywhere near that pool for two years. Why not any pool? Any school? Any public park or public toilet ? Surely that should be a prerequisite for a stalker on the sex offenders’ register.

Exposing such anomalies and dangerous judicial sloppiness are what the Jail 2 Justice walk is partly about. As well as being a tribute to the families of victims and publicising the petition for a pubic register of convicted sex offenders.That register now has more than 212,000 signatures and will be bound soon to be presented to Victorian Premier Napthine and Attorney-General Clark. You have only a few days to come on board.
It is poignant and tragic that Ms. Price
has asked to be part of the walk

Speaking of coming on board. The Northern Territory powerhouse politician Bess Price is coming to Melbourne to join us for the final stage of the walk from Brunswick to Parliament House on Monday May 26th.

It is poignant and tragic that Ms. Price has asked to be part of the walk. Her sister, Rosalie, was murdered two weeks ago.

On that Monday morning, as we walk from Brunswick – past Hope Street where Jill Meagher was raped and murdered – we will also be joined by Daniel Morcombe’s parents, Bruce and Denise. That indomitable couple who never gave up in the decade-long quest to find out what happened, after their son was snatched from a bus stop, and to see his killer caught and jailed.

Along the walk path (and the rundown is printed again below) we will be joined by Noelle Dickson (Sarah Cafferkey’s mum) Rosie Batty (Luke’s mum) and George Halvagis (Mersina’s dad).

The Jail 2 Justice walk is in their honour. And just think: While you were all having a wonderful, family-oriented Mother’s Day yesterday full of happy thoughts and happenings… just think what a day of painful memories it was for those families of crime victims. Walk a mile in their shoes.

Day One: Saturday, May 17th

Start: 7.30a.m. Langi Kal Kal Prison gates, Langi Kal Kal Rd, Trawalla.

Finish: 9.30 a.m. National Highway A8 at Blackbottom Road.

Start: 3.30p.m. National Highway A8 at Blackbottom Road.

Finish:5.30p.m. National Highway A8, Burrambeet Road, Burrambeet.

Day Two: Sunday, May 18th

Start: 7.30a.m. National Highway A8, Burrambeet Road.

Finish: 9.30 a.m. Remembrance Drive C805 at White’s Road.

Start: 3.30p.m. Remembrance Drive at White’s Road.

Finish: 5.30p.m. Sturt Street & Pleasant St, Ballarat.

Day Three: Monday, May 19th

Start: 7.30a.m. Sturt St. & Pleasant St, Ballarat.

Finish: 9.30 a.m. Victoria St. & Boundary Rd, Ballarat.

Start: 3.30p.m. Victoria St. & Boundary Rd., Ballarat.

Finish: 5.30p.m. Lesters Rd & Triggs Rd, Bungaree.

Day Four: Tuesday, May 20th

Start: 7.30a.m. Lesters Rd & Triggs Rd, Bungaree.

Finish: 9.30a.m. Main St. & Old Western Hwy, Gordon.

Start: 3.30p.m. Main St. & Old Western Hwy, Gordon.

Finish: 5.30p.m. Old Melbourne Rd and Old Geelong Rd. Crossroads Trading.

Day Five: Wednesday, May 21st

Start: 7.30a.m. Old Melbourne Rd and Old Geelong Rd.

Finish: 9.30a.m. Ingliston Rd & Ingliston-Settlement Rd.

Start: 3.30p.m. Ingliston Rd & Ingliston-Settlement Rd.

Finish: 5.30p.m. Ironbark Rd and McCormack Rd.

Day Six: Thursday, May 22nd

Start: 7.30a.m. Ironbark Rd and McCormack Rd.

Finish: 9.30a.m. Avenue Motel, 272 Main St. Bacchus Marsh

Start: 3.30p.m. Avenue Motel, 272 Main St. Bacchus Marsh

Finish: 5.30p.m. High St & Bulman’s Rd, Melton.

Day Seven: Friday, May 23rd

Start: 7.30a.m. High St & Bulman’s Rd, Melton.

Finish: 9.30a.m. Melton Hwy & Leakes Rd.

Start: 3.30p.m. Melton Hwy &Leakes Rd.

Finish: 5.30p.m. Melton Hwy & King’s Rd. Sydenham.

Day Eight: Saturday, May 24th

Start: 7.30a.m. Melton Hwy & King’s Rd. Sydenham.

Finish: 9.30a.m. Keilor Park Drive (BP) & Fullarton Rd. Keilor

Start: 3.30p.m. Keilor Park Drive (BP) & Fullarton Rd. Keilor

Finish:5.30p.m.St.Monica’s Church, Mount Alexander Rd, Essendon.

Day Nine: Sunday, May 25th

Start: 7.30a.m. St. Monica’s Church, Mount Alexander Rd, Essendon.

Finish: 8.30a.m. Sydney Rd & Victoria St., Brunswick.

Day Ten: Monday, May 26th

Start: 10.30a.m. Sydney Rd &Victoria St., Brunswick.

Finish:12.20p.m. Parliament House, Spring St., MELBOURNE!

Another Scumbag

ABC News 7/4/2014

Former Hey Dad! star Robert Hughes has been found guilty on nine counts of sexual and indecent assault of young girls dating back to the 1980s.

After a trial lasting five-and-a-half weeks, the jury on Monday found Hughes guilty of two counts of sexual assault and seven counts of indecent assault.

The victims were aged between seven and 15 years old at the time.

The jury was unable to reach a verdict on the other two indecency charges and will continue deliberating on Tuesday.

District Court Judge Peter Zahra has asked the 12-person jury to deliver at least a majority decision of 11 on those counts.

The nine charges he was found guilty on related to three of the five alleged victims.

As the verdicts were read out Hughes stood up in the dock and yelled: “I am innocent”.

He will be sentenced at a later date.

The court heard Hughes sexually assaulted one woman when she was 14 or 15 years old in her own bed.

The youngest of the two victims who Hughes indecently assaulted was seven when Hughes put her hand on his genitals.

The other was nine when Hughes told her to swim between his legs at Manly Beach. His swimmers were pulled down.

During the trial the court heard of sleepovers at Hughes’s home where the actor would walk naked into the room where the girls were sleeping and expose himself to them.

Hughes denied that, saying he slept naked and often used the bathroom at night but would never walk into the room where the girls were staying.

This would have to be the world most stupid, idiotic and dumbest Magistrate in the world!!!


Petrified victim of horrific domestic violence forced into hiding after her ex-partner freed by courts.

A TERRIFIED victim of horrific domestic violence has been forced into hiding after her ex-partner was repeatedly freed by courts despite facing serious charges.

The woman, who the Herald Sun has chosen not to identify, has taken her children out of school and is living at crisis refuge centres because she fears her former partner will kill her.

In one frightening attack, captured on mobile phone footage, he is seen maniacally wielding a large kitchen knife and menacing the woman.

The panel beater and harness racing trainer received a paltry 120 hours’ community work for the harrowing attack.

He is now facing a litany of charges for offences of violence, drugs, stolen property and possessing six guns without a licence — but still received bail.

And while on bail, he is alleged to have smashed into his victim’s home and broken her nose. For a staggering third time, he was allowed to walk from court on bail.

The 33-year-old victim, speaking exclusively to the Herald Sun from a secret location, is convinced she will be killed if she is found.

“People asked why Adrian Bayley was free on bail to murder Jill Meagher. They asked the same question when little Luke Batty was killed by his father. Well, I know how it happens, because I am living this nightmare. And I know I’ll be next,” she said.

“How can a court, knowing all that he has done and is capable of, just release him on to the streets to strike again?”

She said she had come forward to “throw a spotlight on what domestic violence victims are put through … each and every day.”

“This monster has to be stopped, and if the courts won’t lock him up, I have to speak up,” she said.

“The system is a joke. It has let me down, and it needs to be raised why he’s done what he has done and is able to walk free, and I’ve been forced to flee underground.
“I’m only safe because I’m in hiding without anyone knowing where I am. And that’s not good enough. I want people to know what victims of domestic violence go through so that in future, no one has to go through the hell I’m going through now.”

Her brave decision to speak out to expose failings in the system has also been welcomed by her father — a retired police officer of 38 years — who urged his daughter to film the attacks for evidence.

“The system is an absolute joke, a disgrace,” he said.

“Courts have got to realise these are real people’s lives they are playing with.

“They let this dangerous man walk free and my daughter has to run for her life and two kids are dragged out from school.

He said: “I feel helpless, because she can’t even tell me where she is. I’d love her to be home with me so I could protect her, but they’ve said it’s too dangerous and now she’s in isolation.

“How is that right, fair or just?”

In her police statement, she says the man has locked her inside her house for days at a time, pushed her out of a travelling car travelling at about 50km/h, punched, kicked and bruised her, dislocated her thumb, attacked her with a knife, and smashed reading glasses on her face.

She claims he has also tracked her mobile phone.

“He’s tried to stab me, he’s broken my nose in front of my seven-year-old daughter, he’s raided my home, and he’s told me, and tried, to kill me.

“I believe him. Why doesn’t the court?

“Victoria Police says it is getting tough on these men.

“But if the courts are just going to free them, what’s the point in reporting these crimes? I have felt undermined at every turn.”

The Herald Sun is aware of further charges before the court, details of which we are unable to publish for legal reasons.

The woman has fled her family home and will continue to be moved around crisis shelters until the man’s last scheduled court appearance next month — more than six weeks after he was bailed.

By stark contrast with her situation, he has enjoyed his freedom at the Formula One Grand Prix, posing in pictures with models.

He also watched a horse he trains win a race at the trots.

“I’ve left my family, my friends, without being able to tell them where I am, and my children have had to be taken out of school,” she said.

“We are held prisoner, while he can walk free,” she said.

“The justice system needs to realise its actions can get people killed.

“We are now looking over our shoulder in fear, while he is free to enjoy life.”

Annual Flight of The Angels 16th March 2014, 11.30am

Crime Victims Support Association Inc.

”To make Justice a right not Privilege”

This years Flight of the Angels will be held on Sunday 16th March commencing at 11.30 am on the steps of Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne, at the top Bourke Street. We begin with the registration of the names to go in the Memorial Book of loved ones who lost their lives through violence.

For those of you who have not been before it is a great chance to catch with your fellow victims who have gone through the trauma and pain that you are going through.

We’d like you to bring a photo of your loved one to go on the table with the others, you also need a helium filled balloon, register the name of your loved one with my wife Beverley, and at midday we call out the names of those in Heaven as you release your balloons. At the end of that, we give the new members of the club, that none of us wanted to join, a dove to release, it is all over by 1.30 pm, and we clear the steps by 2pm.

If you require further information do not hesitate to con act me, looking forward to seing you there.

Yours truly,

Noel McNamara