Another Scumbag

ABC News 7/4/2014

Former Hey Dad! star Robert Hughes has been found guilty on nine counts of sexual and indecent assault of young girls dating back to the 1980s.

After a trial lasting five-and-a-half weeks, the jury on Monday found Hughes guilty of two counts of sexual assault and seven counts of indecent assault.

The victims were aged between seven and 15 years old at the time.

The jury was unable to reach a verdict on the other two indecency charges and will continue deliberating on Tuesday.

District Court Judge Peter Zahra has asked the 12-person jury to deliver at least a majority decision of 11 on those counts.

The nine charges he was found guilty on related to three of the five alleged victims.

As the verdicts were read out Hughes stood up in the dock and yelled: “I am innocent”.

He will be sentenced at a later date.

The court heard Hughes sexually assaulted one woman when she was 14 or 15 years old in her own bed.

The youngest of the two victims who Hughes indecently assaulted was seven when Hughes put her hand on his genitals.

The other was nine when Hughes told her to swim between his legs at Manly Beach. His swimmers were pulled down.

During the trial the court heard of sleepovers at Hughes’s home where the actor would walk naked into the room where the girls were sleeping and expose himself to them.

Hughes denied that, saying he slept naked and often used the bathroom at night but would never walk into the room where the girls were staying.

This would have to be the world most stupid, idiotic and dumbest Magistrate in the world!!!


Petrified victim of horrific domestic violence forced into hiding after her ex-partner freed by courts.

A TERRIFIED victim of horrific domestic violence has been forced into hiding after her ex-partner was repeatedly freed by courts despite facing serious charges.

The woman, who the Herald Sun has chosen not to identify, has taken her children out of school and is living at crisis refuge centres because she fears her former partner will kill her.

In one frightening attack, captured on mobile phone footage, he is seen maniacally wielding a large kitchen knife and menacing the woman.

The panel beater and harness racing trainer received a paltry 120 hours’ community work for the harrowing attack.

He is now facing a litany of charges for offences of violence, drugs, stolen property and possessing six guns without a licence — but still received bail.

And while on bail, he is alleged to have smashed into his victim’s home and broken her nose. For a staggering third time, he was allowed to walk from court on bail.

The 33-year-old victim, speaking exclusively to the Herald Sun from a secret location, is convinced she will be killed if she is found.

“People asked why Adrian Bayley was free on bail to murder Jill Meagher. They asked the same question when little Luke Batty was killed by his father. Well, I know how it happens, because I am living this nightmare. And I know I’ll be next,” she said.

“How can a court, knowing all that he has done and is capable of, just release him on to the streets to strike again?”

She said she had come forward to “throw a spotlight on what domestic violence victims are put through … each and every day.”

“This monster has to be stopped, and if the courts won’t lock him up, I have to speak up,” she said.

“The system is a joke. It has let me down, and it needs to be raised why he’s done what he has done and is able to walk free, and I’ve been forced to flee underground.
“I’m only safe because I’m in hiding without anyone knowing where I am. And that’s not good enough. I want people to know what victims of domestic violence go through so that in future, no one has to go through the hell I’m going through now.”

Her brave decision to speak out to expose failings in the system has also been welcomed by her father — a retired police officer of 38 years — who urged his daughter to film the attacks for evidence.

“The system is an absolute joke, a disgrace,” he said.

“Courts have got to realise these are real people’s lives they are playing with.

“They let this dangerous man walk free and my daughter has to run for her life and two kids are dragged out from school.

He said: “I feel helpless, because she can’t even tell me where she is. I’d love her to be home with me so I could protect her, but they’ve said it’s too dangerous and now she’s in isolation.

“How is that right, fair or just?”

In her police statement, she says the man has locked her inside her house for days at a time, pushed her out of a travelling car travelling at about 50km/h, punched, kicked and bruised her, dislocated her thumb, attacked her with a knife, and smashed reading glasses on her face.

She claims he has also tracked her mobile phone.

“He’s tried to stab me, he’s broken my nose in front of my seven-year-old daughter, he’s raided my home, and he’s told me, and tried, to kill me.

“I believe him. Why doesn’t the court?

“Victoria Police says it is getting tough on these men.

“But if the courts are just going to free them, what’s the point in reporting these crimes? I have felt undermined at every turn.”

The Herald Sun is aware of further charges before the court, details of which we are unable to publish for legal reasons.

The woman has fled her family home and will continue to be moved around crisis shelters until the man’s last scheduled court appearance next month — more than six weeks after he was bailed.

By stark contrast with her situation, he has enjoyed his freedom at the Formula One Grand Prix, posing in pictures with models.

He also watched a horse he trains win a race at the trots.

“I’ve left my family, my friends, without being able to tell them where I am, and my children have had to be taken out of school,” she said.

“We are held prisoner, while he can walk free,” she said.

“The justice system needs to realise its actions can get people killed.

“We are now looking over our shoulder in fear, while he is free to enjoy life.”

Annual Flight of The Angels 16th March 2014, 11.30am

Crime Victims Support Association Inc.

”To make Justice a right not Privilege”

This years Flight of the Angels will be held on Sunday 16th March commencing at 11.30 am on the steps of Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne, at the top Bourke Street. We begin with the registration of the names to go in the Memorial Book of loved ones who lost their lives through violence.

For those of you who have not been before it is a great chance to catch with your fellow victims who have gone through the trauma and pain that you are going through.

We’d like you to bring a photo of your loved one to go on the table with the others, you also need a helium filled balloon, register the name of your loved one with my wife Beverley, and at midday we call out the names of those in Heaven as you release your balloons. At the end of that, we give the new members of the club, that none of us wanted to join, a dove to release, it is all over by 1.30 pm, and we clear the steps by 2pm.

If you require further information do not hesitate to con act me, looking forward to seing you there.

Yours truly,

Noel McNamara


Poem for Those Who are Watching Over Us

As I sit safe in Heaven

And watch you everyday

I try and let you know with signs

I never went away
I hear you when you laugh

And watch you as you sleep

I even place my arms around you

To calm you as you weep
I see you wish your days away

Begging to have me home

So I try and send you signs

So you know your not alone
Dont feel guilty that you have

Life that was denied to me

Heaven is truly beautiful

Just you wait and see
So live your life, laugh again,

Enjoy yourself be free

Then I`ll know with every breath you take

You`ll be taking one for me.

New Website Support After Murder

The new website for Support After Murder (Incorporated in Victoria) is now live. It is under construction and will be updated soon.

Support After Murder Solidarity March


Commencing at 12 NOON at Federation Square on Sunday 10th November
The Procession will go via Collins St to Parliament House.
This Rally is for all Victims of Crime and is in association with Victims of Crime Week

Review recommends making it harder for violent criminals to get parole!

As reported by ABC News 20/8/2013

The Callinan review of Victoria’s parole system has found that violent criminals have been released into the community without proper consideration of public safety.

The report, by former High Court Justice Ian Callinan, was handed to the State Government today.

It was commissioned after a series of murders committed by parolees, including the murder of former ABC staffer Jill Meagher who was murdered by Adrian Bayley while he was on parole.

The report has found it has been too easy for inmates to secure parole and has recommended making it harder for serious violent and sexual offenders to be released.

The report says the Adult Parole Board must be certain that inmates have a negligible risk of reoffending in order to protect the public and that all parole approvals should be reviewed by another panel.

Victorian Premier Denis Napthine says the review recognises there is a very real need to fix the state’s parole system.

He says dangerous prisoners have been given the benefit of the doubt but that changes today.

“This report draws line in the sand. The culture of parole in Victoria must and will change,” Dr Napthine said.

“Today I make this firm declaration.

“The safety of the community will be the highest priority for the Adult Parole Board.”

Recommendations of the Callinan review
•Consideration should be given to the appointment of a recently retired judge of the Supreme Court to chair the parole board.
•Victims should be informed at least 14 days before an offenders’ release on parole.
•The ratio of offenders to parole officer or supervisor needs to be reduced.
•The board should report publicly on all homicides and other serious offences committed by parolees.
•A new and comprehensive electronic database and case-management system needs to be established as quickly as possible.

Corrections Minister Edward O’Donohue says the report reveals the system is tilted too far in the favour of the offenders.

“The Government is determined to drive cultural change in the parole system and many of the recommendations can be implemented immediately,” he said.

“Others will require more work.”

Noel McNamara from the Crime Victims Support Association is disappointed that the report has not recommended that parole hearings be open to the public.

“It’s got to be transparent. This secret service business from the parole board, where the victims’ families don’t know anything about the past of these people or why they got parole and that’s an absolute disgrace in itself,” he said.

Justice Callinan’s review created a wave of criticism by the families of some of the victims of parolees, including Ms Meagher’s husband Tom, who said they were not consulted.

Mr Meagher met privately with Mr Napthine to discuss the issue last week.

The ‘notorious case of Bayley’

Mr Callinan gave extensive attention to the Jill Meagher case in his review, calling it the “notorious case of Bayley.”

He says there do exist “incorrigible offenders who, despite the best efforts for their rehabilitation, must… be classed as habitual serious offenders.”

Mr Callinan took a swipe at the information provided to his review on decisions made to release Bayley on parole.

“We asked for and were provided with the Bayley file which did not disclose the names of the members of the panel that granted parole to Bayley,” he said in his report.

He described the file as ill-organised and that it had no single document containing straight-forward information about or analytical material relating to his criminal history.

Mr Callinan’s review says the parole board decided to “await the result” of the charges laid against Bayley for an assault in Geelong.

The review states the parole board “reiterated the expectations of him (Bayley) under parole.”

However Corrections Victoria is also blamed for delays in the decision-making about Bayley’s case.

The report says Corrections Victoria produced a report suggesting the parole board await the outcome of Bayley’s appeal against his 3-month sentence for the assault.

Bayley was on bail for the assault when he killed Ms Meagher.

Raechel Betts, 27, was killed by a double murderer who was on parole in 2009.

Her mother, Sandra Betts, is calling for qualified risk assessors to be included in a new system where a second panel would review all successful parole applications.

“We need to see safety experts such as chartered fellows of the Safety Institute of Australia or similar risk assessment professions,” she said.

“We need to have forensic psychologists. People who can assess public safety in greater numbers than the judiciary.”

In a statement, the Adult Parole Board welcomed Mr Callinan’s review, especially the acknowledgment that the board is under-resourced.

The board also supports the emphasis on public safety and says it is looking forward to working with the State Government to implement changes.

Legislative changes introduced earlier this year mean that sex offenders and serious violent offenders will automatically have their parole cancelled if they are convicted of other offences.

Why was he ever let out!!!!

Just finished reading the Herald Sun today and there is an article which again highlights the insufficient justice system we have. Ms H you are strong and courageous to put across what happened to you. By making his name public we can only hope future women do not get in contact with this rapist, or gets a very hard time in prison.
To the Corrections Minister Edward O’Donohue, Ms H doesn’t want your extended sympathies she wants justice as all of Australia. Why don’t you do your damn job, a monitoring bracelet for a hisk risk reoffender!! f###!!!! Judge Maidment did not impose a disproportionately high sentence, WTF!!!,maximum for rape is 25 years, and there would not have been another, you should hand in your wig and gavel you idiot, he gets less than half of the maximum and that’s disproportionately high!!!
Should something like this happen to you or someone close to you Minister and Judge, you’ll have to except the lenient sentences given and the risk that they’ll reoffend. So please do Australia a favour and support the victims instead of making excuses to victims and hand out maximum sentences as your allowed to do that!!
Ms H stay strong!!!!

Fighting for Just Sentencing

January 22, 2013, 6:18 pm Lynda Kinkade Today Tonight

For a significant number of prisoners parole is being used as a second chance to offend, leading for victims’ families to call for a system overhaul. Those whose loved ones were murdered by parolees are left devastated by crimes they believe should never have been committed.

Locked up then let out, career criminals are awarded ‘get out of jail free cards’ time and time again, only to continue to re-offend while on parole.

The aim of the Parole Board is to release offenders who are no longer considered a risk to society, yet almost half the time they get it wrong. According to the Bureau of Statistics, within two years of being released 41 per cent of prisoners are back behind bars. Shirley and Allan Irwin’s two daughters were murdered by a career criminal while out on parole.

23-year-old Colleen and 21-year-old Laura were renting their first apartment together since leaving home. What the girls didn’t know was the man living next door was about to savagely cut short their dreams, their hopes and their lives.

On a Friday night in 2006 in Melbourne’s west, he cornered them in their home, brutally raping and stabbing them to death
Allan and Shirley cling to their memories but believe this unbearable heartache could have been avoided. Murderer William John Watkins’s record dated backed to 1985 and included convictions for rape, aggravated burglary and assaulting police.

The maximum sentence is more than 40 years but he was given four years and released after just two and a half.

“Had she known he was on parole there’s a fair chance she could have gone to the police station and said ‘this bloke is harassing me’,” Shirley said. Watkins was fatally shot by police three days after the murders, when he bashed an officer in WA after being pulled over for stealing petrol.

Allen and Shirley were thankful they didn’t have to go through the justice system to see Watkins punished, but the same can’t be said for Noel and Beverley McNamara.

Their 29-year-old daughter Tracey bashed and murdered.

“She went out that night and the next thing we get a call from the Ferntree Gully hospital saying she was unconscious,” Noel said.

She died after two days on life support.

Rather than serving twenty years for rape and another 25 years for murder, her killer and rapist Noel Meyers, was sentenced to twelve years and freed after ten.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt so angry in my life,” Noel said.

Helen Wicking’s daughter Joanne was murdered, brutally tortured and stabbed by Sean Maraffko – a murder committed just three weeks after Maraffko was released from prison. “A violent prior history and he was just allowed to get out early and free,” Helen said.

However criminologist Professor Stephen Smallbone from Griffith University, defends the system.

“My observations of the various jurisdictions around Australian indicate that sentences are becoming longer – and have been for a long time – and parole is increasingly becoming more difficult to obtain,” Professor Smallbone said.

Noel McNamara wants concurrent sentencing scrapped, a criminal’s prior convictions released publicly, and a minimum sentence for serious offences.

“The murderer could have murdered before and they are not allowed to know about it – and that’s wrong,” Noel said.

A recent police survey in WA found that 98 per cent had little faith in the judiciary, citing the sentences handed down by magistrates and judges is not tough enough.

We have asked the Attorney-Generals for their response to this story and we plan to follow up.

A Killer Rotten to the End

As reported by The Border Mail 25th July 2013

CHILD killer Derek Percy has taken his evil secrets to the grave.

A suspect in the murders of children in four states, he steadfastly refused to give answers to police and the victims’ families for more than 40 years.

Any hope that he might waver in the face of death to offer some bit of relief to the families proved to be false.

But Percy admitted enough to leave many with no doubt he was responsible for the deaths of up to nine children.

In the cases of Christine Sharrock and Marianne Schmidt, the three Beaumont children, Allen Redston, Simon Brook and Linda Stilwell, he placed himself at the scenes of the crimes.

He claimed he couldn’t remember if he killed them — but he remembered being in each location at the time of each killing, across four states.

Although the murders date back more than 40 years, it’s still chilling to think such a monster was living in our own backyard — at Mount Beauty, Corryong and Khancoban — while many of these gruesome killings took place.

Crime Victims Support Association president Noel McNamara said Percy was a cunning, evil person.

“We just hope he rots in hell,” he said.

And you can’t blame anyone for agreeing with that.